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About Us

We believe that there is a hero in everyone – an individual who possesses qualities that make them an inspiration. It is our mission to help each and every individual, no matter their story, find their inner hero.

The Space

Nestled in Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver, our space draws inspiration from West Coastal elements. True to the Lolo Shipyards, we blend raw woods with industrial metals and lush greenery, creating an atmosphere at Hero where inspiration, empowerment, and tranquility coexist.

Engage in a rewarding workout experience within our functional training area, equipped with turf, Rogue free weights, and a rig, featuring meticulously chosen equipment by our coaches. Explore our martial arts zone, boasting VE10 matted sections for jiu-jitsu and striking, complete with heavy bags, hand pads, and Thai pads.

While you focus on your fitness journey, entrust your kids to our supervised play area, the Kids Correl.

Avail yourself of our complimentary locker service and filtered water. Indulge in the spa-like comfort of our washrooms, equipped with hair dryers, shower products, and towels, ensuring you leave your workout feeling rejuvenated and prepared to tackle the rest of your day.

Post-workout, savor a snack or beverage, or explore our retail section featuring supplements, body healing products, and exclusive Hero merchandise. At Hero, we offer not just a workout space but a holistic experience designed for your well-being.

“Success is a state of mind and is manifested in hard work, dedication and a beliefe in ones self.”

We celebrate where each individual is today and help them make goals for the future. We foster a positive and encouraging environment where people can step out of their comfort zone without the risk of criticism,  comparison or intimidation.

We believe that every human CAN participate in the activities they’ve always wanted too but never dared.

Our Programs

Kids & Youth Programs

Jiu Jitsu Programs

Boxing + Kickboxing

Functional Fitness Classes

Private and Semi Private Training

Our Team


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What should I bring / wear to class?

Wear comfortable workout clothes and indoor training shoes.  You can bring a bottle for water.  We also provide water bottles.

STRIKE: Wear comfortable workout clothing.  STIKE is done on the mats so shoes are not nessisary or permitted.  You'll need to bring your own handwraps and bag gloves, or you can purchase them at the front desk.

JITS: For Gi you'll want to wear fitted clothes such as a rash guard and tights to wear under your gi.  You can wear your own gi or we have gi's for purchase.  For No Gi you'll want to wear comfortable, fitted clothes.  Some prefer to wear loose shorts over their leggings.

How early should I show up?

Please show up 5-10 min early to class.  If you are running a few minutes behind please call or email us and give us a heads up so we can hold your spot.

If this is your first visit to Hero, please show up 10 - 15min early so you can sign a wavier and get aquanted with the gym.

Do I need to be fit or have past experience?

Hells no! All fitness and experience levels are welcome! All of our classes are designed to challenge you, but we will also be diligent in providing different variations so you can work on building up to your goals.  And we always encourage you to take a break whenever needed.  Our motto is "try" and we're here to help.

Do you supply water?

Yes, we have a filtered water station, and if you fogot your water bottle we have bottle for purchase.  We also provide free lockers and towel service for during your class and towels for showers afterward.

Do you have Gloves, Wraps, Gis to borrow?

Yes, we do.  For your intro week we have glove and wraps or. agi for you to use.  Once you've concluded your free week we do ask that your purchase your own equipment (we sell gloves, weraps and gis at the gym) or you may rent them from us for a fee.

Sadly we can't offer free equipment to class pass participants.

Are there showers?

Yes, we have two showers (one accessible) and one washroom with a changing area.  We do ask that you try to come to class changed and ready to workout and save the showers for after class.

Can I watch my kids class?

Yes, we have a sit down area where you may watch your kids in class.  You're also welcome to sit outside by the windows and watch them.

I have kids, can they hangout while I train?

Yes, we have a kids homework / engagement area so your kids can come and hangout while you get in a workout.

Child minding for kids under 7 is provided at $5 / hour at select times.