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Adaptive Combat Sport Programs

Adaptive Combat Sport Classes

It is our goal to bring different programs to the adaptive community.  Currently we’re offering adaptive classes in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and our CONDITION classes.

Many of our classes are taught alongside our able bodied participants, but offer extra care and consideration to the adaptive community.  We find that this style of class is excellent for growing awareness around adaptive needs and also aids in inspiring both adaptive and able bodied athletes.

We are happy to provide a fully accessible, safe, non-bias and fun space to the adaptive community.

How to Get Started

  1. First we need you to fill out an application and intake form.
  2. Once you’ve filled out the application it will be reviewed by one of our staff.
  1. Once the review is complete, we’ll contact you to let you know if your initial application has been accepted. We’ll then book you in for a gym tour, a staff meet-and-greet and an assessment. This assessment is what allows our team to know exactly what accommodations you need to participate and helps us determine what classes and activities are best for your specific needs and goals. There is no cost or payment required.
  2. After your assessment we will review with out team.  If you assessment is accepted we’ll contact you and do our best to get you into your desired term as soon a spot comes available.
  3. Once a spot comes available, we’ll have you come in to get set up with a membership, a member info package and answer any additional questions you may have.

When I do Jiu Jitsu I forget that I don’t have legs! This is the only sport that allows me to compete against able-bodies.

Leo Samarelli

As a blind athlete, being able to go into Hero and be immersed in sport and be treated like any other athlete is a game changer.  Hero proves there’s more then just allowing people with disabilities to show up, it’s allowing people with disabilities to strive, feed competitive desires and excel as an athlete.

Danielle Main

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