Thank you for your interest in our Adaptive Program.

We’re currently putting together our application process for subsidy.  Once we have an application and funding in place you’ll be the first to know.  Until then, we invite you to come and see the space and try a free week and give us your honest feedback so we can continue to make changes and strive to meet the needs of the adaptive community.

When I do Jiu Jitsu I forget that I don’t have legs! This is the only sport that allows me to compete against able-bodied people.

Leo Samarelli

As a blind athlete, being able to go into Hero and be immersed in sport and be treated like any other athlete is a game changer.  Hero proves there’s more then just allowing people with disabilities to show up, it’s allowing people with disabilities to strive, feed competitive desires and excel as an athlete.

Danielle Main

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