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6 Week Challange

Not another fitness challenge?  Nope, this is a lifestyle challenge!  We’re challenging you to form new habits and to support you in making decisions that will help support your goals for a stronger, healthier lifestyle.  This challenge is fully based on your participation and not on how much weight you lose or your body composition or how many burpees you can do – honestly, no one really cares.  This challenge is just about forming great habits and maybe trying something new.

What’s Included?

FREE Unlimited classes from May 1 – June 12.  Take as many as you like.

FREE Weekly Nutrition Workshop – check in, get tips and suggestions from our Nutrition coach and dietitians.

FREE Weekly Injury Prevention Workshops – all of this training can be hard on your body, so we invite you to attend a weekly injury prevention workshop to keep those injuries at bay.

50% off personal training – let one of our trainers help you reach your goals.  Each personal training will only cost $60 between May 1 – June 12!

50% personalised nutrition coaching and programs – Dee, our nutrition coach will set up a personalised program for you, including suggested foods, personalised macros and more.

50% off individual sessions with our Dietitian – our registered dietitian, Ali’s services can be claimed through extended health benefit programs.  So it’s a win win!

Discounted floats at Float House Vancouver – recover your body and mind by using a sensory deprivation tank! The tank contains over 800 lbs of epsom salts packed with magnesium that is absorbed through the skin in your 75 minute float – Use code “HERO” to receive $25 off of your sessions!

What are the prizes?

1st prizes: $100 to spend at Hero + a fit session with Lulu Lemon – this includes a personalized shopping experience at lulu where they will outfit you head to toe. 

2nd Prize: $75 to spend at Hero + a Float House Experience, including 1 float, 1 hot / cold session and 1 infrared Sauna session

3rd Prize: $50 to spend at Hero and $50 gift certificate for a dinner out.


Non Members – $300

2x Week Members – $200

Unlimited Members – $150