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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

North Vancouver Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ) combines movement, strategy and defence to create “the gentle martial art”.  It will challenge both your body and mind and provide you with instinctive problem solving skills.  Most people compare Jiu Jitsu to grappeling or wrestling.  It’s proven to be one of the best combat sports for self defence.

We offer both kids / youth and adult and women / girls only Jiu Jitsu programs (JITS). The programs are open to all levels from beginner to advance, following the IBJJF belt and stripe system.


I've never done Jits, what should I expect

In our Jiu Jitsu class you’ll be with lots of other begineers.  You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up and will then move into the lesson protion where you’ll learn different fundimental techniques, defence and submissions.  You’ll then begin controlled drilling with your partner to practice the movements.

Please note that Jiu Jitsu is a slower paced class, espcially at the beginning.  It’s not a high intensity workout such as boxing or kickboxing, Many people feel uncomfortable or out of place at the start.  We have a well trained team and coaches who will do their best to walk you through all the movements and feel safe at all times.  We encourage you to give Jiu Jitsu a few weeks trial when deciding if it’s for you.

What should I wear to a Jiu Jitsu class?

If you’re doing no gi, wear a fitted top or rashguard and legging with comfortable shorts overtop (if you prefer).  Kids and youth should wear comfortable fitted clothes.

If you’re doing gi, we have gis that we can loan you for your first class or you can purchase one from us.  We also carry kids / youth gis and women’s sizes.

All of our gis are high quality, carfully designed by us.

Also, please bring a pair of slides or slippers to wear from the mats to the washroom in order to keep the mats clean and free of bactiria.

Do I need to wear a Hero Gi?
Nope.  If you have your own gi you’re welcome to wear it.  We only ask that you wash it between classes to promote good hygiene and cleanliness.
Do you have beginner classes?

Yes, our beginner classes are Monday and Wednesday, and on Saturdays we have an all levels class.

If you are an experienced white belt (3 stripes +) you can attend our intermediate classes.

Do You have showers / changerooms

We do.  We have two full washrooms with showers and a washroom / change room.  We do encourage that you show up in your workout clothes so you can toss your gi on overtop upon arrival and start class right away.

Do you offer classes for women or girls?

We sure do.  Every Sunday at 11:30am we have JiuJitsu classes for women and girls (ages 12+), taught by women instructers.

In our women’s only classes we forcus on both jitsu and self defence, increasing confidence and body awarness while building a sisterhood.  This class is FREE and open to all levels.

Do you offer classes for kids

We sure do.  We have classes for  kids 4 – 6 years old that explore both jiu jitsu and kickboxing movements in a fun class environment.

We also offer jiu jitsu classes for kids 7-16 and we follow the IBJJF belt system.

Is there an area where parents can watch?
We have an area by the front entrance where parents can sit and watch class.  You’re also welcome to sit on the benches outside by the windows to watch class.

*Please note that during COVID 19 indoor spectators 22 and older are required by the Government of BC to show vaccination proof.