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Strike Classes

North Vancouver Boxing & Muay Thai

In our STRIKE program we infuse a lively twist into traditional Muay Thai and Boxing, emphasizing the mastery of proper techniques. Our classes incorporate dynamic bag drills and partner-based striking exercises to elevate your skills.

Our classes are suitible for all levels.  With-in our classes member will be divided in four levels and class will be adjusted for each level:

Fundamentals (White): Ideal for beginners or those entirely new to Muay Thai or Boxing. Learn the basics of punches, kicks, and footwork and develop basic combinations with the focus on developing proper technique.

Level 2 (Blue): An intermediate class focusing on refining techniques, exploring complex combinations, and advancing defensive skills.

Level 3 (Purple):  Advanced classes targeting intricate combinations, advanced footwork, defense, and introducing takedowns and grappling in our Muay Thai sessions.

Competitive Team (Brown): Please contact us or speak to the coach if you’re interested in compeating.

Coach (Black)

At every level, we prioritize teaching proper technique, defensive strategies, and footwork to ensure a safe and effective training experience. Similar to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs, we conduct promotion days every three months to assess your skills and facilitate progression to the next level.

Note: Class levels 1-3 are non-contact, fostering a supportive environment for skill development. Contact us for more information about our Competitive Boxing Team.

*Class levels 1-3 are non contact.


I've never done boxing or kickboxing, what should I expect?

In our STRIKE fundimental class you’ll be with lots of other begineers.  You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up and will then move into the lesson protion.  You’ll work with a partner to learn a basic combination.  You’ll have three 3min rounds to practice the combination with your partner and then you’ll have a free style round.  Class will end with a calisthetic workout and cooldown.

All our classes are controlled, supervised and safe.

Do you offer classes for women or girls?

Right now our strike classes are co-ed.  We’re hoping to add a women’s only class in the future.

Do You child care / a child area kids while I do class

We sure do.  We a play / homework area for kids to stay entertained while you’re in class.

Is there an area where parents can watch?
We have an area by the front entrance where parents can sit and watch class.  You’re also welcome to sit on the benches outside by the windows to watch class.

*Please note that during COVID 19 indoor spectators 22 and older are required by the Government of BC to show vaccination proof.

What should I wear to a STRIKE class?

You can wear comfortable workout clothes to STRIKE.  Our classes are on mats, so bare feet only.  We do not allow shoes on the mats.

If you choose you may wear shin guards or ankle supports.

Do You have showers / change rooms

We do.  We have two full washrooms with showers and a washroom / change room.  We do encourage that you show up in your workout clothes upon arrival and start class right away.