Studio Policies

Updated July 1, 2022


Appropriate gym clothing and indoor footware must be worn for our fitness and kickboxing classes.  Please do not wear revealing clothing or train shirtless. 

Please use the washrooms to change into your clothes.  Changing in the open is not permitted. We are a family friendly gym and want to accommodate the comfort level of our community.

For JITS you will require a Gi (Gee) or spats and a rashguard for no-Gi class.  You may either wear your own or purchase one from us.

For STRIKE you will require your own handwraps and gloves.  You may bring your own or purchase them from us.

Kids and youth will be given a Hero t-shirt, which is required to be worn during ALL STRIKE classes.  A Hero gi or rashguard will be given and must be worn for all JITS class.

***Please note that no shoes are permitted on the mats.  Members must ensure they have clean feet when coming onto the mats and that they put shoes or sandals on when using the rest of the gym or washrooms.

You are also expected to keep your gi and your hand wraps clean and smelling fresh for every class as well as practice good hygiene.***

All classes must be canceled at least 12hrs before the class.  Any cancelation after 12hrs will be subject to a full charge.

All personal and semi private training sessions must be canceled at least 24hrs before the session.  Any cancelation after 24hrs will be subject to a full charge.

All clinic appointments must be canceled at least 24hrs before the appointment.  Any cancelation after 24hrs will be subject to a full charge.

NO-SHOWs will be charged the full class rate.


Memberships may be cancelled 30 days before the end of the term contract. Cancellation mid term is not permitted. Written notice (email) must be given.

For Six(6) and twelve (12) month memberships cancellations mid term must give us 30 days written (email) notice and will be subject to penalty fees:

  • One (1)  months payment will be owing at time of cancellation for a 6 month membership
  • Two (2)  months payment will be owing at time of cancellation of a 1 year membership.

Exceptions for medical reasons will be considered.

Three (3) months memberships will not be applicable for mid-term cancellations.

All memberships will auto-renew at the end of the term unless cancelled.

HOLDS will be accepted one (1) time during your 6 month membership term for up to 30 days and two (2) times during your 12 month membership for up to 60 days. 

Holds on any memberships will require 30 days written notice. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons.

Holds will not be permitted for 3 month memberships.

All class passes, memberships and private and semi-private training packages are non refundable and non transferable.

All holds and cancellations must be confirmed by email: info@heroathletics.ca

All class passes, memberships and private and semi-private training packages are non refundable and non transferable.

A late fee of $25 will be applied for any late or failed payments. Memberships will be put on hold until the late / failed payment is rectified.

If you are on the waitlist you’ll automatically be added to the class if a spot opens up.   You will get an automated email and text letting you know. But don’t worry, if it’s less than 12 hours notice and can’t make it you won’t be charged.

Please make sure you have opted-in to receive notifications in Mindbody.

If you have not arrived by the time class starts, your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. If you’re running late, please give us a call so we can hold your spot.

Hero Academy provides lockers for you to use while you’re training, however we do not guarantee the safety of personal belongings. Please leave anything of great value at home.

We love dogs, and we have a resident dog at the gym, Cossy and this is his home.  To avoid any territorial issues we please ask that you leave your pup at home.

Hero Academy welcomes participants ages 14+ to freely access any of our classes. Anyone under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Youth and kids programs are open to those between the ages of 4 and 13 years of age.

We do have a designated homework / play area for school age kids to use before or after their class.

Members Code of Conduct:

Any user (Member) of Hero Academy (the Gym) agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the Gym, for the use of the Gym training facilities, premises, and equipment therein, and the Gym reserves the right to revoke this membership for cause if Member fails to keep and obey any of such rules and regulations, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance or other members or staff, moral turpitude or fraud. Without limiting Member’s obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the Gym presently in force or in the future prescribed, Member agrees that he will obey the following rules by:

  • Always considering other members’ rights and privileges while they are training;
  • Always paying their membership dues on on time – or pay a late fee;
  • Always following directions on the proper use of the training equipment;
  • Always following direction on the proper execution of an exercise during class or personal training;
  • Always putting away equipment after use;
  • Never spitting anywhere in the facility;
  • Never dropping dumbbells or barbells on the floor;
  • Always disposing of trash in the proper places;
  • Always accepting fullest responsibility for any damage done to equipment due to their misuse of the equipment;
  • Always reporting a safety or health issue to the staff or management;
  • Always treating members and staff with fullest respect and courtesy at all times;
  • Foul language, racism, bullying and aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated.
  • Alcohol or drug use while on the premises or before a class will NOT be tolerated.

Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in immediate expulsion from the gym for the remainder of the term without refund.


It is agreed that all exercises including the use of weights, number of repetitions, and use of any and all machinery, equipment, and apparatus designed for exercising and the use of the Gym’s premises and facilities shall be at the Member’s sole risk. The member is fully aware of the risks and hazards connected with the participation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Conditioning and Bootcamp Training or any similar class, Weightlifting, or Aerobics, including physical injury or even death, and herby elect to voluntarily participate in said event, knowing that the associated physical activity may be hazardous to them and their property. Notwithstanding any consultation on exercise programs which may be provided by Gym employees or agents, it is hereby understood that the selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be Member’s entire responsibility, and the Gym shall not be liable to Member or Member’s family for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to injury to Member’s person or property arising out of or in connection with the use by Member of the services and facilities of the Gym or the premises where the same is located. If Member brings any personal property onto the premises of the Gym, Member takes such action at Member’s sole risk. It is hereby understood that the Gym is not responsible in any way for damage to or loss of any personal property which Member brings onto the premises of the Gym, including but not limited to, losses due to theft, damage, or car accident. Member hereby holds the Gym, its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by Member, on Member’s behalf, by Member’s family, and Member’s executors, administrators, and personal representatives for any such injuries or claims aforesaid and Member for himself and on behalf or his family, executors, administrators, and personal representatives does hereby forever release and discharge the Gym, its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, losses and expenses.

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Hero Academy is committed to providing an environment that prohibits discriminatory practices. Harassment and bullying are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Harassment: Harassment includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a person towards another that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that person to be humiliated or intimidated. Examples of conduct or comments that might constitute bullying and harassment include verbal aggression or insults, threats, intimidation, unwelcome physical contact calling someone derogatory names, harmful hazing or initiation practices, vandalizing personal belongings, spreading malicious rumours. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists over time.

Physical bullying: using physical force or aggression against another person (e.g., hitting, pushing)

Verbal bullying: using words to verbally attack someone (e.g., name-calling) Social/relational bullying: trying to hurt someone through excluding them, spreading rumours or ignoring them (e.g., gossiping)

Cyberbullying: using electronic media to threaten, embarrass, intimidate or exclude someone, or to damage their reputation (e.g., sending threatening text messages).

If you feel like you are being harassed or bullied by a staff or member you may contact jaime@heroathletics.ca